CBI focuses exclusively on providing freelance estimating to Architects, Property Owners and Developers. Through the years our building experience has become well rounded and have attained a wealth of knowledge in all sectors of vertical construction: whether it’s Commercial, Federal, Municipal or Residential Construction.

Field experience and an immeasurable set of skills have enabled us to provide our clients with calculations required to achieve sound estimates.

Through our years of experience, by simply reviewing the project’s criteria, we have developed the uncanny ability to visualize the actual development, from inception to completion.

We rely on a variety of pricing structures and databases exclusively for all of Alaska, which have been developed over many years and have the ability to adjust the pricing regionally using the latest established construction standards for open shop or union work.

Below is a list of recent projects estimated: (Dollar value range $50,000 to $20,000,000)

13th Ave Duplex
Alaska Pacific Brewing Company
Ben Boeke Arena Bathrooms
Discovery Subdivision Residence
Emmonack School Phase II
Fort Wainwright Fire Range
Prospect Place Residence
Girdwood Sand Storage Building
Ruby Clinic
Northwood Street Refueling Station
Emerald Hills Apartment Complex

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