The finish carpentry and millwork teams at Christensen Builders Inc. have been trained to understand  that our success is measured by yours. Our procedures for millwork Installation is much more than just showing up on a job site with a crew. We take ownership of all job site operations with an emphasis on building and preserving your project vision. This is why each project is approached with careful planning and detailed management from preliminary layout to receiving product to final close out.

Our finish carpentry crews are experts at the following:

  • Installation of windows and exterior doors.
  • Installation of interior doors – Hinged, pivot or pocket.
  • Installation of intricate door and window hardware.
  • Standing trim – Casings, window stool & aprons, pediments.
  • Running trim – Single or multi stage base, chair rail and crown.
  • Wall treatments – Raised and recessed paneling and wainscot.
  • Ceiling treatments – Coffers, beams and panels.

You can trust our team to represent your company on any job site. Our crews have experience working on sites with demanding schedules, logistical challenges and quality expectations as well as clients with unique security and confidentiality concerns.

BEFORE UAA Lobby Renovation
BEFORE UAA Lobby Renovation
AFTER UAA Lobby Renovation
AFTER UAA Lobby Renovation

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